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How To Install Google Analytics In Blogger

Recently, I showed you how to create a Google Analytics account, the how to install it to your WordPress blog. There’s now doubt that Google Analytics is the most famous and preferred way to track your audience and play with your website.

You can also easily add your Google Analytics tracking code to your Blogger blog within 5-minutes. We will show you how to properly install Google Analytics in Blogger

You first need to grab your tracking code from your Google Analytics account. If you don’t have a Google Analytics account then click here.

Install Google Analytics In Blogger

Go to your Dashboard > Settings > Other, and add your Google Analytics Web Property ID to following field:

Analytics Web Property ID

Now, navigate to your Dashboard > Template, click on Edit HTML, and your full Google Analytics tracking code just above </body> of your Blogger template. That’s it! It will take approx 24 hours to show your traffic report in Google Analytics.

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