How To Hide Jetpack From Non-Admin Users

If you ever logged into your WordPress website with a subscriber profile, you’d notice that subscribers can also access Jetpack modules by simply connecting to their profiles.

Here’s trick which will allow you to hide Jetpack from non-admin users of your WordPress. It will just remove the menu, but they can still access it from the direct link.

[alert style=”red”]Note: This trick only removes the Jetpack page link from the admin menu, however, users can still access to the Jetpack page with the direct link.[/alert]

Just add following code to your current theme’s functions.php file:

function hide_jetpack() {

    if (!current_user_can('manage_options')) {
        remove_menu_page( 'jetpack' );

add_action('jetpack_admin_menu', 'hide_jetpack');

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