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How To Disable WordPress Visual Editor

WordPress uses TinyMCE editor as its post editor. It’s not similar to what a real TinyMCE is, but it’s a customized version of it. WordPress editor has its own simple HTML mode and WYSIWYG editor, aka Visual Editor.

If you are an HTML mark-up guy, then one-click on visual editor could kill your entire work. When we switch to HTML mode and switch back to Visual editor. a lot of formatting is lost and then it causes errors on your front-end of the post.

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to disable WordPress visual editor. This in only recommended if you have at least some basic HTML knowledge.

Login to your WordPress dashboard. Then you would need to navigate to Users > Your Profile, click on “Disable the visual editor when writing” option.

Disable WordPress Visual EditorNow you no longer have to worry about the mark-up of your WordPress post. HTML editor is not just a simple plain text field, but it has some useful buttons, such as bold, italic, link, b-quote, img, and more.

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