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How To Allow Users To Post On Your WordPress

Are you interested in running a multi-author or guest posting website? WordPress allows you to run a multi-author website without any external service or plugin. I’ll show you how to allow users to post on your WordPress website by simply creating an account on your website. You, as an admin, will have complete control to accept, reject, edit or auto-accept all user submitted content to your site.

Allow Users To Post On Your WordPress

In order to allow your users to post content on your WordPress powered website, you need to enable user registration on your website. Visit Settings > General, check “Any one can register” option and choose Author or Contributor as the default user role.

If you choose Author as the default role then all users will be allowed to directly post on your WordPress. If you choose Contributor as the default role then all users submitted post will be required your permission before appearing on your website.

Now, to let your viewers know that you accept users to post content or guest posting, then you might wanna a post or a widget to your WordPress. Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag and drop Meta widget to a sidebar.

Now, all registered users of your WordPress will have access to the admin panel of your WordPress. They can post on your WordPress just like you.

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