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How To Add Contact Form Widget To Blogger

There are tons of services which gives you custom contact forms to add on your Blogger blogs. Why use other forms when you can use Blogger’s own official contact form widget?

Blogger’s contact form widget is not a fully functioned contact form widget with tons of actions, but a simple contact form with three options – name, email & message. It’s worth noting, it’s an AJAX form with stylish Google UI. In case you can’t find the contact form widget, I’ll show you how to add contact form widget to Blogger.

Go to your Dashboard > Layout > Add A Gadget > More Gadgets

Blogger Contact Form Widget

Choose Contact Form gadget, give it a suitable title, and click on Save button to add this gadget. That’s it!

6 thoughts on “How To Add Contact Form Widget To Blogger”

      1. “Don’t modify the code.” I love how you assume we’re screwing with it. Maybe it’s just bad. I have the same problem and I haven’t so much as renamed it, let alone messed with any code. It just says, ‘Sending…’ and never sends. It’s worthless!

        1. Most of the people try to add custom fields to the form, and rest of them break the formatting by turning from HTML to visual editor. It’s not their fault, but this way of adding the form to a page is a bit sensitive. :)

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