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How To Add Multiple Authors To Blogger

People use Blogger as their blogging platform because it’s easy, free and powered by Google. In short, it gives you more features in free than any other blogging platform. Just like every major blogging platform, Blogger gives you ability to run a multi-author blog.

You can easily add multiple authors to Blogger blog just with their email accounts. Worried to share the control of your blog?

Don’t worry! You can just give them the role of an author. They’ll not be able to change anything in your Blogger, except writing articles.

How To Add Multiple Authors To Blogger

Go to your Dashboard > Settings > Basic, and add emails of the author(s) you want to invite to write on your website in the following field:

Blogger Blog AuthorsA confirmation email will be sent to them to confirm this action. You can remove or promote them to the admin role anytime from the same screen.

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