7 Reasons To Use MaxCDN On Your WordPress

We all love websites which takes minimum time to load, such as Google. And when we talk about website speed, CDNs comes into play.

What’s A CDN?

Most CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) are used to host static files, such as images, CSS, JavaScript and fonts. Rather than hosting these resources on a single server, CDN distributes them to multiple servers. It ensure users download data from servers that are closest in geographical proximity.

Which One Should I Use?

I recently started to use MaxCDN as the CDN platform for this website, and I’m really satisfied with the results. MaxCDN is definitely the most popular and best CDN available on the World Wide Web. Every MaxCDN user will simply recommend it to you.

Why MaxCDN?

Using MaxCDN is a no-brainer. After using MaxCDN, you’ll find out why we all users just love MaxCDN’s service. Until then, here are 7 reasons to use MaxCDN on your WordPress website.

Easy To Install

Installing CDNs to your website could be a little hard if you’re not a technical person, but MaxCDN is super easy to install to your WordPress website. It takes less than fine five minutes to configure MaxCDN for your WordPress website. Even a new user can easily do that!


MaxCDN’s servers are really fast, which makes your website load fast! You’ll see some significant load time changes just in few hours after installing MaxCDN to your website. In my case, I saw almost a 2 seconds load time drop for this website.

Saves Bandwidth

If you’re using a shared hosting with limited bandwidth or if you are running low on bandwidth, then MaxCDN can be a life saver for you. It saves up to 60-70% bandwidth to cut your hosting bills.

Less Bounce Rate

Using a CDN also reduces the bounce rate of your site’s visitors. How? Most internet users tend to close the tab if the website takes more than average loading. However, MaxCDN makes your website ridiculously fast = less bounce rate.

Better SEO

Google has clearly stated that faster sites tend to rank higher in Search Engines. Also less bounce rate also helps your website to rank higher in various rankings, including Alexa.


MaxCDN gives you amazing and most accurate stats about your site’s data. You can use those figures to optimize your website’s performance in many ways. They also tell you which file is being used the most and all that stuff.

Amazing Support

Are you not a technical person? Then don’t worry because you MaxCDN offers amazing & fast support, which helps you in making the most out of your MaxCDN subscription.

If above seven reasons aren’t enough for you, then you can search about MaxCDN on Google to find out why they are the biggest fish in the CDN pond.

Sign-Up For MaxCDN

If you want to sign-up for MaxCDN, then you can easily sign-up using our MaxCDN affiliate link. Using our link will get you the best CDN for the same price, plus they’ll throw some money to us :)

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